Saturday, November 19, 2011

Advent 2011: Mary Hidden in Advent links

The Nativity by The Master of Gerona, late 1200's
     In order to help you more easily navigate the Mary Hidden in Advent posts and correlate them with Advent 2011 dates, I have listed links to each post and the dates you could use them.  Because Advent is long this year, the last few days continue onto the Nativity itself. 

Basic Information on the Mary Hidden in Advent series

Introduction and How to Use
Summary Chart with Bible references, ornaments, Marian titles
Crafting Ideas for Ornaments 
Other Ornament Ideas 

First Week of Advent

Sunday, 11/27/11                         Day 1: Creation
Monday, 11/28/11                        Day 2: Adam and Eve 
Tuesday, 11/29/11                       Day 3: The Fall
Wednesday, 11/30/11                  Day 4: Noah 
Thursday, 12/1/11                       Day 5: Abraham
Friday, 12/2/11                            Day 6: The Sacrifice of Isaac 
Saturday, 12/3/11                        Day 7: Jacob's Ladder 

Second Week of Advent

Sunday, 12/4/11                         Day 8: Joseph's Youth 
Monday, 12/5/11                        Day 9: Joseph in Egypt 
Tuesday, 12/6/11                       Day 10: Moses in Basket 
Wednesday, 12/7/11                  Day 11: The Exodus 
Thursday, 12/8/11                      Day 12: Moses and the Law 
Friday, 12/9/11                           Day 13: Ruth 
Saturday, 12/10/11                     Day 14: Samuel 

Third Week of Advent
Sunday, 12/11/11                       Day 15: David the Shepherd 
Monday, 12/12/11                      Day 16: David before the Ark 
Tuesday, 12/13/11                     Day 17: Solomon 
Wednesday, 12/14/11                Day 18: Elijah 
Thursday, 12/15/11                    Day 19: Tobias and Raphael 
Friday, 12/16/11                         Day 20: Daniel 
Saturday, 12/17/11                     Day 21: John the Baptist 

Fourth Week of Advent

Sunday, 12/18/11                       Day 22: The Annunciation 
Monday, 12/19/11                      Day 23: The Visitation 
Tuesday, 12/20/11                      Day 24: St. Joseph
Wednesday, 12/21/11                 Day 25: Journey to Bethlehem
Thursday, 12/22/11                     Day 26: The Birth of Jesus
Friday, 12/23/11                          Day 27: The Wise Men
Saturday, 12/24/11                      Day 28: The Flight into Egypt




  1. Hi! I clicked on the 'Summary chart' link, but it said I 'do not have permission to view this page'.

    What a wonderful blog, with a stack of ideas - thankyou!

  2. Linda, I'll try to make the pdf available another way when I get a minute. Or, if you email me (link above on left sidebar below prayer), I could send you the chart as an attachment to an email. Not sure why you can't get on Scribd; maybe you have to have an account to access it? It used to be free, but no more!

  3. OK, I moved the chart to Google Docs and I hope everyone can access it. If you have any problems, let me know and I'll email a copy to anyone who would like one.

  4. Caroline, this is beautiful. I am planning to use it this Advent. Please pray for organizationally challenged people like me that God will help my family have the Advent He wants for us through your planning : )

  5. Willa, I will pray for you and your family that God would send special moments of grace to you all this Advent!

  6. OK, I posted the chart on Google Docs, so if you have a gmail account or a google account you should be able to download it. If you can't, email me (link above on left below prayer) and I'll send you a copy that way. Sorry this is a bit difficult!