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Day 9: Mary Hidden in Advent-Joseph in Egypt

Joseph Recognized by His Brothers
Leon Pierre Urbaine Bourgeois oil on canvas, 1863

     Day 8: Joseph in Egypt

         Read The Jesse Tree pp. 30-36.  Hang ornament (chalice).
        The story of Joseph recounts his dreams, his betrayal by his brothers, his rise to power in Egypt, and, finally, the story of how he is able to save his family from starvation.  

        Scripture reference:  Genesis 37, 39:1-45:28 (a long and wonderful story)

       Comment:  Joseph suffered much rejection, misunderstanding, and unjust persecution before he finally was chosen by Pharaoh, the ruler of Egypt, to be responsible for making sure the country had enough grain to last out a seven year famine.  During the famine, Joseph was the man in charge of giving out the grain of Egypt to those who needed it.  His power was second only to Pharaoh himself. His brothers came to him for help when they needed food, and he gave them grain out of the treasury of Egypt. Our Lady is appointed by God to give out the treasury of Heaven to those who come and ask for her intercession.  This treasury has in it all the merits Jesus Christ gained for us during His life, Passion, and death.  In this treasury also are all the merits of Our Lady and all the saints who have ever lived.  Mary dispenses these graces to us when we ask for her aid.

Related title:  Mary, Mediatrix of Graces

    "There are two kinds of mediation.  The first is that one receives something from another, but with some purpose in mind; then the one who has received the gift is not the owner but must use the gift in such a way as has been told to him; meanwhile another received the same gift but for his exclusive property and has the right to administer it as he chooses.
     "The Blessed Mother is in the second category, having received graces in that manner from the Godhead. She is not like a mailcarrier. She does not receive graces from God for an appointed purpose so that She might use them in one way or another. The Immaculate Virgin receives graces from God for Her own exclusive property and She dispenses them to us how She wills, to whom She wills, and inasmuch as She wills, for these are Her own. Here, finally, do we see how holy and great God made His Blessed Mother, and how much we should honor Her.”  St. Maximilian Kolbe

Prayer of St. Bernard to Our Lady

Our Mediatrix and Advocate
O blessed Lady,
you found grace,
brought forth the Life,
and became the Mother of Salvation.
May you obtain the grace for us to go to the Son.
By your mediation,
may we be received by the One
who through you gave Himself to us.
May your integrity compensate with Him
for the fault of our corruption;
and may your humility,
which is pleasing to God,
implore pardon for our vanity.
May your great charity cover the multitude of our sins;
and may your glorious fecundity
confer on us a fecundity of merits. 
Dear Lady,
our Mediatrix and Advocate, 
reconcile us to your Son, 
recommend us to Him,
 and present us to your Son.
 By the grace you found,
 by the privilege you merited, 
by the mercy you brought forth,
 obtain for us the following favour,
 O blessed Lady.

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