Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some Additional Felt Ornaments

     I wanted to post a  picture of some additional felt ornaments I made to go with our Mary Hidden in Advent Jesse Tree lessons.  Pictured are the burning bush (Moses), an ear of corn (Ruth, and yes, I do realize that the corn is anachronistic, but oh, well!), chalice (Joseph in Egypt).  The children and I made them with scrap felt, a few beads and Tacky glue.  You can use your own scraps and your imagination!  Have fun!  I do think the Jesse Tree Kit actually has a burning bush, but for some unknowable reason we only had half of our ornaments here in Delaware, so we are making the missing ones as we go along.

ETA:  I made a different kind of Mary ornament today than I demonstrated below.  I got the idea from
this craft tutorial at D. Blumchen.  I just used what I had on hand, which was one small tinsel style pipecleaner and kitchen tin foil, but I like the idea:

     I think next time I'm at Michael's, I'll get a few more tinsel pipecleaners and some glitter and sequins.  This was fun to make!

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