Monday, December 13, 2010


"The Loaded Cookie" by African Lion
       When I was a child, my favorite Christmas cookie was Spritz!  These delicious, sweet butter cookies were part of our annual Christmas tradition.  So, when it was time for me to begin my own traditions with my own children, I certainly wanted to include this tasty Swedish treat as a tribute to my own Swedish heritage.  Since the feast of St. Lucia is such a fun and family-oriented day in Sweden, I thought that today would be just the day for this heritage cookie.
Sankta Lucia, Carl Larsson

      Making Spritz requires the use of a cookie gun:
   The Sawa cookie press pictured above is exactly like the one we used when I was a child.  It is also evidently both vintage and collectible (if you live long enough...), but there are other options available in kitchen stores and online.  I just love having that Swedish flag on the box...

     The recipe I use is from The Joy of Cooking (my copy of which is also vintage and collectible...pretty soon I'll be vintage and collectible myself) and is simplicity itself.  The only trick is to get the dough to the correct temperature for pressing, pliable but not too warm.  Then you can press out lovely wreaths:

There are also many other shaping options such as trees, stars, diamonds, hearts, etc.  I would have done a variety of shapes today, but my daughter used most of the dough last night baking cookies for her friends--which are now gone and probably eaten up!  I'll mix up more dough today and when I have a few minutes, it is easy to take it out and press more delicious shapes.

     The younger children have trouble getting the knack of the cookie gun, but they have no trouble sprinkling decorations on:

or eating them:

Enjoy the feast of St. Lucy today with your own lovely traditions!  St. Lucy, pray for us!

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