Thursday, April 12, 2012

Good Grief!

A rare sight here--totally empty bookshelves!

"If it's not two things, it's another!'' (my oldest son's favorite saying when he was little).  Quite true!  After taking a vacation, participating in all the Holy Week activities, and cooking, cleaning, celebrating and rejoicing for Easter, we had to return to our rental home in another state.  On my way home, the painter who we had hired to freshen up the beat-up paint in our rental house called.  He is, of course!, available this week.  It never rains....

A stack of books!
     So, after unloading cars, unpacking, washing, shopping, and all the necessary hustle and bustle associated with relocating, we started to empty the shelves.  What a pile of books we ended up with!  We only have a few of our books here, so it was kind of scary to see how many they were when stacked on the floor!

Well, at least we will get a nice, clean new look when the painter is finished!  So it will be worth the trouble in the long-run. 

Life is never simple, it simply is!

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