Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Beach Time!

African Lion on the beach
One of the great delights of the Easter season is spending time out-of-doors after a long winter.  Yesterday, we had such warm and glorious weather here, so off we went to the beach!

 We are blessed to live so close to the Atlantic coast with its wide, sandy beaches.  Even in the winter, we head out to the beach for walks and explorations, but today it was a real summer-like event.  Swimsuits, beach towels, sand castle tools, beach chairs....the whole enchilada! Some folks (not me!!) even braved the still-chilly waters!

An impromptu sand castle building contest developed with the builders taking advantage of local materials--sea grasses, seashells, and, of course, SAND!  

Sea grass flags fly from the battlements
Constructing the defensive walls
Adding a finishing touch

Contemplating the next addition
We had such a refreshing afternoon enjoying God's beautiful creation.  We all returned home rested and restored!


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