Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow photos!

We were slammed with an incredible winter blizzard!  The snow started falling on Friday morning and by Saturday afternoon we had about 2 feet on the ground.  Gusting winds and falling trees caused the power to go out at our house early Fri. a.m..  What was apparently the lone repair truck in the state of Delaware began working and our power was reconnected on...wait for it....MONDAY!  Here's Sweetie shoveling us out with Dad and assistants on Sunday so we could slowly 4-wheel-drive ourselves to a local hotel.  Of course, the kids thought it was a great adventure!

Although the house was getting very chilly by this time, we all had a
delicious hearty breakfast of hot cocoa and scrambled eggs
with bacon and sausage dice that Chef Dad managed to grill in the garage.
We even had hot coffee!  I had an old teakettle. Actually it was cheap and new, but the whistler broke almost as soon as I started to use it, causing a serious fire hazard, since Sweetie WILL keep putting the kettle on for tea and then forget about it if it doesn't whistle.  SOOOO, I ordered a new Revereware kettle.  This was very serendipitious timing, for I now had an OLD kettle to use on the bar-b-que...see how things work out for the best??  So between the old kettle and the French press coffee maker, we were able to make coffee and even share a cup with our new neighbor, who was also cooking on his bar-b-que in his garage. 

It was very courageous of me to put this photo up...a rather disheveled garage and a carton of milk on the...ahem...garbage can????  But the men (there's Dad and helper on duty) all did a great job both with the grilling and with the fumigating of the garage.  Bugle Boy came inside to give me a thrilling account of spiders falling on the hot coals from the ceiling and "they got very warm and then died!"  African Lion just wanted to be sure that there was indeed sausage cooking in the eggs, because, he informs me, he is a carnivore and only eats meat.  (Last week, he was a wombat and only ate vegetables and fruit).

We have now completely thrown in the towel and headed back to Virginia.  "THEY" are calling for another 8-10" here and up to another 20" in the D.C. area and another 8" in Delaware tomorrow.  So it's a very good thing that we don't need to go back until next Sunday or Monday (probably Sunday, as there is more snow in the forecast for Monday).  It has been a winter to remember..or maybe to forget, as quickly as possible!

"If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?"  Percy Bysshe Shelley

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