Wednesday, February 10, 2010

S'More (s) and S'More Snow!

We took lemons and made lemonade here last night. (I don't mean literally!  I mean we made the best of a not-so-great situation)  Here are the children by the blazing fire roasting their marshmallows and enjoying S'mores.  Fortunately, I had the fixin's in the pantry!  As s'more snow fell, we played Boggle, Yahtzee, and Lord of the Rings Monopoly...It was a game marathon!
Overnight we had another 9" or so; I guess the area up near Manassas was hit with more than 15 inches.  This has really been phenomenal.  The more amazing thing is that this morning on Yahoo! News there was an article on "How Global Warming Produces Blizzards".  Go figure!  I think this falls under the heading, "If you're going to tell a lie, tell a whopper!"

You might be able to see the birdbath in this photo.  It has at least 36" of snow on it.  The snow is drifting quite a lot.  Our bar-b-que and deck chairs are completely covered under a large drift of snow which must be nearly 5'.  The wind is gusting up to about 50 mph.

Well, the game marathon continues here.  E. and S. and Sarah's friend Clare are in serious competition.  African Lion and Bugle Boy are even having a Boggle contest...they are doing pretty well, too!  African Lion had the words "quit" and "rim", which he wrote out himself and Bugle Boy came up with "bad" and "rle" (that's rally, spelled Matthew style).  Weirdly enough, African Lion can spell anything and Bugle Boy can't spell much.  Another strange coincidence?  Everything African Lion is good at, Bugle Boy isn't and vice versa.  It is very odd.  Mad Muncher participated in the Monopoly challenge and also played a mean game of Candy Land.  I hope tomorrow they can go outside to play, but really right now it is much too windy and cold. Not much else to do here, so I'll post again later!

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