Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Frogs and Gardens

It's a beautiful day here today--sunny, clear, with a high of 72 predicted. Mary is going to come and take the boys up to the Reptile Center to see SNAKES, and I am planning on going to dinner with some friends of mine. We've stopped schooling so we can pack, so I'll do more packing today, too. I'm going to try to borrow Telegram Girl's camera (mine is broken right now) to take pictures of the garden for you. I'm hoping the irises you sent me will soon be blooming so I can get a picture; they bloom later than my purple ones. But the peonies are starting to bloom, and Viking Man worked hard to clean up and re-assemble the pond (the little boys had completely demolished it looking for frogs!) so it looks nice, too. Here's a shot of Mad Muncher:

Do you think he's telling me, "Look, Mom, no frog!" Perhaps it's under his bed???

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