Monday, May 11, 2009

Telegram Girl with J.L.

Hello to my far-away family, especially Mom and Dad! I set this blog up so you could see what's happening out here on the East coast with the entire H. clan. How do you like the picture of Telegram   Girl and J.L.? J.L. and Roberto were here today and brought me a delicious apple pie for my birthday (because, you might remember, I always liked pie better than cake!). We had a nice lunch, and Tilly helped me get this blog up and running. You would have laughed to watch us work for about half an hour on getting the picture of the stream to be the same width as the center section of the blog! It was an obsessive quest that finally paid off...we got it to fit! I hope you have fun reading this blog and I especially hope to post lots of pictures so you can all see what we're up to. There is a link to Tilly's blog on the right, just click on the line that says "Tilly's Tea" under the "My Blog List" section and it will take you right there. There are some cute pictures of Roberto and J.L. on her blog. To come back here, push your back button (looks like an arrow pointing left). Also, there are links to some of the books I'm reading. If you want to leave a note, hit "comment" below this post and you can make a comment and read other's comments.

Love from us all!

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