Friday, December 30, 2011

A Delicious, Healthy Breakfast

Might look weird, but they really tasted great!   
This morning I decided to start with my new plan for healthier eating in 2012.  One of my goals is to increase dramatically my vegetable intake, so this morning I scoured my refrigerator for likely vegetables to include in my breakfast.  I found some leftover broccoli, a few green onions, and a red pepper, along with a bunch of parsley.  So, this is what I made:
Scrambled Eggs and Vegies!!!
1.  First, cut up a few strips of bacon and begin to fry it up in your favorite cast iron pan.  I love my cast iron pan.  It heats evenly, washes up so easily (if I wash it right away), and even adds iron to my diet! I can use it on the stovetop and also in the oven.  If the power goes out, I can use it over a fire without destroying it.  I can turn on the burner and forget it for a few minutes without melting or ruining the pan.  It lasts forever.  I always put a dishrag under it when I wash it in my porcelain sink to keep it from leaving black marks all over.  My pan was a gift from a friend, but it is easy to find pre-treated pans.  I love the sloping sides on my pan.
I added a link over on the sidebar under "Things I Love" so you can see exactly which pan I have.
2.  While the bacon is sizzling up and getting oh-so-crispy-and-delicious smelling, chop up some vegetables.  I used the red pepper, green onion, and leftover broccoli I had on hand, but green peppers, regular or red onions, and spinach would all taste great, too.  When the bacon is crisp, add the vegetables and cook a few minutes.
3.  While the vegetables are cooking, stir together however many eggs you would like (I used 3), salt, pepper, and a few scoops of sour cream. When they are well mixed and the vegetables are starting to get just a little soft, pour the eggs into the pan.  Cook up just as if you were cooking scrambled  eggs.  When they are finished to your liking, scoop onto a plate and top with chopped fresh herbs (I used the parsley) or grated cheese.
Simple, quick, delicious, and vegie-laden!  That's just what I wanted for breakfast!
Wish you could join me!

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