Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Adventures in the Cloud

This was supposed to be a Christmas blog post.  You might notice the lovely cloud above which rained down upon my Christmas tree today.  

This is a Christmas Tree:

Clearly, it is not MY Christmas Tree, all aglow with happy children opening presents beneath it.  And why not?  Because, in a disastrous encounter with technology,  I managed to delete all of my Christmas pictures.  

I decided to commit to iCloud before it was too late to backup my life, but I didn't backup my iPhone before I completely downloaded a new operating system, hence obliterating my most recent photos. Aaahh,  technology!  So many mysterious ins and outs!

In spite of my inability to post cute and ever-so-interesting pictures of my family and our lovely packages and delicious food, I hope you all are having a wonderful Octave of Christmas!  Oh, and here's a photo from last year---

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