Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Split Personality

     Sometimes I feel like there are two (or more) of me...especially when it comes to the blog-o-sphere.  There's my family blogging, my homeschool blogging, my serious spiritual blogging, and recently I set up another web page with a blog that was going to be a phase-of-life blog.  Enough already!  I am going to do all of my blogging in this space.  So that means some days you will see posts that are philosophical and meditative, some days will be chatty and family-centered, and generally there won't be any theme to the whole mish-mash except the theme of my life.  I would go off on a pleasant muse here about my life, but I hurt my wrist exercising (not because I am so buff, but because I am so out-of-shape), so I need to log off now and give it a rest.  More later on my life (I know how exciting that is for all of you!).

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